When A Crown Is Necessary – Sooner Not Later!

If a tooth is cracked or badly broken down, a crown may be indicated to cover the tooth and protect it from biting and chewing forces.  Crowns (or caps) can be made from metal or ceramic, are very strong and will likely last a lifetime.  Note that the crown will last a lifetime, but the tooth beneath may not.  The tooth is the weakest link in this type of restoration so it is critical that a crown is placed over the tooth as soon as the doctor recommends it.  The more broken down a tooth becomes, the weaker it will be – even under a crown.  Crowns are also used to cover implants or can be linked together to form a bridge that replaces missing teeth.  A crown over a tooth is a very strong and versatile restoration.

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A year has passed since COVID first made its impact on the world.  All of us have been affected by the virus but our team at Morfas Family Dentistry took great steps from the very beginning to prevent us from contracting COVID while serving our patients.  I am truly grateful and happy to acknowledge that none of our team contracted the virus!

At the same time, we enhanced some of our protocols at the office to further protect our patients.  All of our team has received both doses of the COVID vaccine. We keep our waiting room socially-distanced and have patients waiting in the car until their appointed time. We take patients’ temperature upon entry to the office and ask the key questions related to COVID symptoms. All of our dental instruments and equipment are sterilized, which has always been part of our sanitizing protocol.

Morfas Family Dentistry has always made it our goal to provide our patients and staff with a safe and comfortable environment combined with the finest in dental care, and I am so very fortunate to work with the best group of people that I could ask for.  We will continue to constantly monitor any new developments with this and future viral outbreaks so that our patients can always expect the safest and best dental care possible at Morfas Family Dentistry.


Dr. Morfas