Dr. Chris J. Morfas is a life-long resident of the Calumet Region. He is married to his wife of 38 years, Therese, and together they raised two boys, Alex and Nick. Dr. Morfas enjoys playing a competitive game of tennis, traveling, fishing, old and new cars and spending time with his family and friends. Dr. Morfas values the community in which he lives and has served as a Rotarian, a Booster Club member of Munster High School and as an Elder at Westminister Presbyterian Church.A graduate of Munster High, he completed his undergraduate work at Purdue University. He then received his graduate degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry. Dr. Morfas is a member of the American Dental Association, Indiana Dental Association, Northwest Indiana Dental Society and the Chicago Dental Society. He has continued his dental education through seminars, courses and is an avid reader of all dental journals.

Julie Sannito, RDH
Hygiene Manager

Julie Sannito has been a part of Morfas Family Dentistry since 1979. Following a brief high school career in the fast food business, Julie’s mother had grown weary of the smell of frying oil in her home. So her father, Dr John Morfas, graciously gave her a part time job at his dental office after school and on Saturdays. She enjoyed working in the family business so much that she graduated in 1985 with a degree in Dental Hygiene from IU Northwest. She worked for several dentists around the area until settling down to a career with her brother, Dr. Chris Morfas, in the family business. She believes, “Working with family has its challenges, but it’s the best decision I have made in my professional career.”

Following graduation, she also married her high school sweetheart, John Sannito. They have two kids, Andru and Jane. Living in Munster and raising kids while working part-time has filled her life with love and joy, and she often wonders where the years have gone. Then she realizes that her kids are 27 and 20 and she has been a part of the Morfas Family Dentistry team for 37 years! Time flies when you’re having fun! She is blessed to be married to a wonderful husband and working at a thriving practice with a brother who respects and values her in the practice.

When she is not attending to family and work, Julie loves to cycle. Bicycling has fulfilled a place in her heart that allows her to relax and escape. Apparently, she needs to escape a lot because she commits to a goal of riding about 100 miles a week during the season and participates in rides that go up to 100 miles per day. According to Julie, “100 miles in the saddle is better than 100 hours in therapy.” When she is not riding, she can be found hiking the Dunes with her dog, Zoe.

Dental Hygiene has been a fulfilling career and a passion for Julie for the last 30 years. She is dedicated to serving her patients with careful consideration, professionalism and kindness. Serving the dental needs of her patients, attending education classes, and caring for those she serves and the people she serves alongside are the best part of her professional life. Although she works part-time, she looks forward to coming to the office every day she is scheduled because the relationship with her patients is deeper than clean teeth and healthy gums. Working with the patients at Morfas Family Dentistry is an honor and another blessing for which she is sincerely grateful.

Eileen Curosh, RDH
Dental Hygienist

Eileen Curosh has been a hygienist at Morfas Family Dentistry since 2005 and has been practicing for 41 years.

Her love of her profession and the patients that she sees has motivated her to go above and beyond in continuing education requirements. In addition, Eileen is certified in CPR and local anesthesia.

Eileen has served on numerous roles for the Indiana and Northwest Indiana Dental Hygienists Association and is currently the liaison to the Indiana State Board of Dental Examiners. In addition she is currently serving on the Advisory Board for the dental hygiene program at Indiana University Northwest. Eileen enjoys opportunities to volunteer in the field, especially for the Mission of Mercy Event in Indianapolis that provided free dental care for under served communities. She has also volunteered locally for free dental care for veterans.

When she is not in the office, she likes to spend time with her husband, Johnny. She has two grown children and a grandchild due September 2020. Eileen loves to workout and you can find her at Orangetheory, in a spin class, biking outside or practicing yoga.

Eileen is proud to work for a dental practice that has enabled her to grow both professionally and personally. She truly loves the close bonds that she has developed with the patients and colleagues. She is also proud to work each day surrounded by hard-working individuals and is happy to call them friends.

Patti Smith, RDH
Dental Hygienist
Sherry McGill
Chairside Dental Assistant

Laura Shields, Jennifer Olson and Cara Vanator are the faces and voices of our office.

Therese Morfas is our practice manager. Feel free to bring any concerns or compliments regarding our practice to her attention!

The corona virus COVID-19 continues its destructive path across the world.  However, we know that this, too, shall pass.  When it does subside, we should be wiser in being prepared for these (fortunately) rare but life-changing events.  Most of us are (again, fortunately) used to the convenience of modern life in the United States, and our daily routines take for granted the availability of an incredible variety of foods, goods and services that we so often use.  The interruption in life that this pandemic has brought makes me personally thankful for those who are still working at “the front lines” to maintain some normalcy.  Healthcare workers, police and fire fighters, grocery and delivery workers, various maintenance workers and many, many more of our fellow community members have put their health at risk to provide the rest of us with the basics while we wait this out.  To them, I give a big “Thank you” for jobs well done.

Morfas Family Dentistry has always practiced to the highest levels of disinfection but several new steps have been added for safety.  These additional layers, however, will never affect the personalized care that we have always given our patients.  Hopefully soon, we will be able to go back to our jobs and careers and rebuild our lives.  My team and I can’t wait!

In the meantime, should you have any dental emergencies that need attention, I will be available for limited treatment or referral at 322-9905 from 9am until noon Mon-Friday.

Until then, stay healthy and stay home!