See what some of our patients have to say!

This is the best dental office I have ever been to. I love being their patient, as I am treated as more of a friend. Professional, friendly, caring staff and Dr's.

Kristine - Dental Patient

Had a great experience! Your staff is always friendly, welcoming, extremely competent and sensitive to busy customer schedules.

Wes – Dental Patient

Going to the dentist is never on my bucket list and I always leave with a smile. Love every ones attitude. Keep it up. Have a great day.

Nick – Dental Patient

I am very pleased with Dr. Morfas and his staff. Dr. Morfas goes out of his way to see that you have great dental health. He and his staff are very friendly and caring. Additionally, the facility they operate out of is extremely clean, more than accommodating, and equipped with modern dental equipment. I am happy to be a very long time patient of Morfas Family Dentistry.

Jason - Dental Patient

Had to have two fillings repaired and some work done on another tooth. Everything went great- no pain, no discomfort, fillings feel normal. Staff is always friendly and dentist know what they are doing. Morfas Family Dentistry is highly recommended!

David - Dental Patient

I cannot say enough about the “Silent Night” anti-snoring device that Dr. Morfas recommended! I am not a persistent snorer but am susceptible on occasion, and not only does this device stop the snoring, it truly provides me a more rested night’s sleep! I never expected that outcome. If you snore occasionally or regularly, this is an inexpensive and effective solution!

Jennifer - Dental Patient

You’ll never hear the statement “no pain, no gain” at this office. Clean modern office with a great caring staff. Every part of my experience, from making the appointment; my treatment by the dentist and staff, to handling the insurance was a pure pleasure!

William - Dental Patient

Awesome staff, great doctors. This is from a person who has an unnatural fear of dentists. I am thankful that Morfas Dentistry has always took that in to consideration and have been accommodating when I needed an emergency appt. Love them

Annie - Dental Patient

5 Stars! Excellent dentist, hygienists, and staff. They always get me in right on time and I'm done with my regular cleaning and check-up within an hour. They are great with children, too! I highly recommend Morfas Family Dentistry!

Erica - Dental Patient

I have been going to Morfas Family Dentistry for a couple of years now and I have to say that it is the best dentist office I have been to.  I am always seen promptly at my appointment time and Dr. Morfas is the best.  He takes the time to talk to you to answer any questions you may have.  I have a very low tolerance for pain, even with cleanings, and both Dr. Morfas and the hygienists have always been considerate to make each appointment as comfortable as possible.  Also, the office staff is always very pleasant and welcoming.  I would definitely recommend Morfas Family Dentistry!


Kim - Dental Patient

Wouldn't recommend anyone else! Great dentist, hygienists, and staff. Excellent all around!!!

Allyson - Dental Patient

We had previously brought our kids to a different dentist. Every time we left, they told us that they really didn't like the dentist. We just responded with the usual, "nobody likes the dentist" response. After a conversation with a friend, she suggested we switch dentist and gave us the name of Morfas Family Dentistry. Of course the kids were still nervous, but when we walked in, we were greeted very warmly and it felt very sincere. The staff was very helpful and friendly and the kids were comfortable in the waiting room. After their respective appointments, we asked the kids what they thought of the dentist, and they both said "Much better than our old dentist!" and asked us if they still had to go back to the other one. We told them no, they would never have to go back there! Thanks for a refreshing experience!

Cassandra - Dental Patient

The corona virus COVID-19 continues its destructive path across the world.  However, we know that this, too, shall pass.  When it does subside, we should be wiser in being prepared for these (fortunately) rare but life-changing events.  Most of us are (again, fortunately) used to the convenience of modern life in the United States, and our daily routines take for granted the availability of an incredible variety of foods, goods and services that we so often use.  The interruption in life that this pandemic has brought makes me personally thankful for those who are still working at “the front lines” to maintain some normalcy.  Healthcare workers, police and fire fighters, grocery and delivery workers, various maintenance workers and many, many more of our fellow community members have put their health at risk to provide the rest of us with the basics while we wait this out.  To them, I give a big “Thank you” for jobs well done.

Morfas Family Dentistry has always practiced to the highest levels of disinfection but several new steps have been added for safety.  These additional layers, however, will never affect the personalized care that we have always given our patients.  Hopefully soon, we will be able to go back to our jobs and careers and rebuild our lives.  My team and I can’t wait!

In the meantime, should you have any dental emergencies that need attention, I will be available for limited treatment or referral at 322-9905 from 9am until noon Mon-Friday.

Until then, stay healthy and stay home!