New Patients

A Word of Welcome for New Patients (New Patient Exam)

 Morfas Family Dentistry gladly welcomes new patients of all ages and our team is eager to meet new faces and get to know our new patients.  If you are new to our office, please read this to familiarize yourself with our new patient procedures. 

Your first appointment is a comprehensive exam. The initial examination allows Dr. Morfas to meet a new patient and assess that patient’s dental health and needs.  Health history is very important and this will be reviewed at the exam. 

Dental radiographs are a very important tool in diagnosing oral diseases like tooth decay and gum disease, so we will make sure that these are up to date.  Our modern, digital x-rays use very little energy compared to the older films, and we can also use a panoramic image to view wisdom teeth and bone position.  Our office uses state of the art technology with an intra-oral camera, which is also helpful in showing areas of decay, fracture, tartar, stain or infection.

After the images and photographs are taken, they will be viewed on a monitor chairside with Dr. Morfas and discussed so that our patients know exactly what conditions exist in their mouth. We don’t just tell you, we show you.

Once this information is gathered and recorded, a treatment plan can be developed which includes restoring any decayed or missing teeth and the type of cleaning that will be recommended at your initial hygiene appointment.  If there is any pathology or disease present, treatment options will be given so that the patient always makes the final informed decision.  We believe that current information is critical to health so questions and conversation are encouraged and only when our patients are completely satisfied and informed will treatment be scheduled. 

Ultimately, our goal is to have our patients on a preventive dental health pathway for a lifetime.  The new patient exam is a very important first step in that journey. 


Dr. Chris Morfas and the team at Morfas Family Dentistry