Emergency Dental Care

Our oral health is critical to our overall health and now that COVID has shown to be so difficult to manage we can no longer take our health for granted.  When the teeth or gums become compromised or diseased, we are usually unaware of the condition until the situation worsens.  Pain is often the first sign of oral disease and should never be ignored.  Pain is a message that conditions have deteriorated to the point where the body is literally asking for help. Morfas Family Dentistry is dedicated to restoring and maintaining the oral health of our patients.               However, what actually is a dental emergency?

A tooth-related dental emergency often results from a fractured tooth or lost piece of filling material.  Sometimes there is little pain but if enough of the tooth is lost, discomfort can result from the inner part of the tooth becoming exposed to hot or cold foods.  If this part of the tooth is left exposed, further decay and damage can result from germs attacking the opened tooth.  Unfortunately, teeth cannot heal themselves and any fracture of the tooth will get worse with time.  Usually, the sooner a tooth is restored, the simpler (and usually less expensive!) the process will be.

The gums can also be a source of oral discomfort.  If food builds between the teeth or around the gums germs will follow and an infection may result.  Swelling, bleeding and/or pain usually accompany a gum infection.  Rinsing with warm salt water may offer some temporary relief but generally it is best to have Dr. Morfas examine the area causing the pain as soon as possible.

When should you call our office for an emergency appointment?  Whenever you feel that you need to!  We will always make time to see an emergency patient, generally on the day of the phone call.  Our front desk team will help find the best time for Dr. Morfas to examine and treat an emergency.  Depending on the nature of the problem, Dr. Morfas can often treat the issue, or he may refer you to a specialist.  Remember that time can be your ally or your enemy, so the sooner a problem is treated the better.